As a prerequisite to participation in the Spring Grove Syttende May Parade, the undersigned, as responsible party and representative for all participants in the aforementioned entry, knowingly and voluntarily assumes, on behalf of all participants, any and all risks inherent to participation in the Parade. Further, the undersigned waives on their behalf and all participants associated with this entry, any right to claims against Spring Grove Syttende May, Inc. sponsors, volunteers, agents or employees for any reasons including, but not limited to, loss of life, bodily injury, property damage and/or loss that may be sustained as result of participation in the Parade in any capacity- The undersigned acknowledges receipt of, and agrees on their behalf and all participants associated with this entry, to abide by all rules and regulations for participation in our parade. Acceptance of this application and participation in the Parade is strictly subject to the discretion of Spring Grove Syttende May, Inc who reserves the right to reject any application for participation in or the right to enter or participate in the Parade. Only original signed applications will be accepted. Any photocopying or reproductions of an original application will be rejected.