Represent our community!

Be an ambassador for Spring Grove! This opportunity creates fun memories and amazing experiences!

Benefits of representing Spring Grove...

Create friendships that will last a lifetime and memories that will have you reminiscing for years. This experience comes with a scholarship (for our crowned juniors) as well as the perk of being the guest of honor for many local events! This is an amazing opportunity to meet new people and form friendships you otherwise may not have. It also serves for a great community service experience to add to any application or resume!

Schedule of Parades & Events

With only 7-8 parades and 6 community events, the time commitment is less than ever! We are extremely flexible with schedules, and only want everyone to have the best experience possible! Our parades are close to home, and the month of August is entirely free of any royalty related events! We do ask for prompt communication of any conflicts, but please know these conflicts are expected and will not be held against anyone.

Candidate Registration

*Please list as you would like them announced!
*Please indicate YOUTH if needed! Shirts will be ordered in adult sizes if not indicated otherwise.
*Please list business name as it should be announced
*Please remit sponsor payment of $100 to Syttende Mai Committee Member!

Candidate Requirements


All royalty participants must meet the following requirements, there are no exceptions to these terms. Any deviations from these requirements will result in relinquishment of your crown, title, and scholarships.

*Royalty must attend Spring Grove Public School or the duration of their reign*

  • All royalty is expected to attend all appearances, parades and events. You are allowed to miss 3 appearances/parades/events, however you are expected to notify Morgan immediately upon knowledge of not being able to make an event/parade/appearance.
  • You are expected to wear the traditional Norwegian outfits that are provided for you at all parades and at some events as noted on your schedule. You will receive a t-shirt from the Syttende Mai Committee that you are to wear to some events, along with matching bottoms (jeans, black pants, etc. NO HOLES ALLOWED) All dress attire is indicated on the parade/event schedule included. Crowned royalty will need to provide their own comfortable black shoes and knee high black socks.
  •  If your Norwegian outfit, t-shirt, or socks are damaged and need to be replaced, it will be your responsibility to provide the cost of the replacement.
  • Royalty will receive Sølje pins & chains (ribbons for little miss royalty) that will be worn with the Norwegian outfits as accessories. If these items are lost, misplaced or damaged beyond repair, it will be your responsibility to provide the cost of repair beyond normal use, or the cost of the replacement piece.
  • If you become pregnant, you must notify the Queen Coordinator or Syttende Mai Committee member within 14 days of verification of the pregnancy.
  • No alcohol or drugs are to be used, including cigarettes and “E” cigarettes. Any illegal activity, whether charged or uncharged, will not be tolerated. Any crowned royalty adjudicated guilty will result in relinquishment of crown and title, and any implied scholarship. Royalty and parents/guardians are expected to report any incidents to the Queen Coordinator or Syttende Mai Committee member within 7 days from being notified that they are to appear in court or other formal proceeding for the alleged offense. This is in effect from date of signature and continues throughout your reign.
  • Royalty must, at all times, conduct themselves as ambassadors to the City of Spring Grove, as well as the Syttende Mai organization. This includes a positive attitude, a friendly smile, and the ability to greet people and discuss our community.
  • Obscene gestures, comments, or other inappropriate behaviors will not be tolerated.
  • Parents: you also play a very large role during the reign of your daughter. Parents are needed to provide a vehicle and pull the float for parades throughout the year. Parents are given a roatating schedule, which averages 2 parades, they are responsible to be at for the whole year. We average 10-15 total appearances per year.
  • Please see the attached parade/event sheet to see this upcoming years’ schedule. This will give you an idea of the commitment you are being asked to give.
*This indicates you have read and agree to the requirements of being crowned Spring Grove Syttende Mai Royalty
*This indicates you have read and agree to the requirements of your candidate being crowned Spring Grove Syttende Mai Royalty


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